ARCHIX.ORG is a free job listing platform made simple for both employers and employees within careers in art field ranging from architecture, interior design/interior architecture, graphic design to craft making. 

Our objective for ARCHIX.ORG is to reduce the community circle to ease the procedure of recruiting and job seeking that are beneficial for employers and employees in related scope(s). With a smaller community extracted, saved time, better communication and greater networking. Created by Architects, for Architects.

So come join this great community!



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Post a job, and let us get the rest of the job done for you. 

CV search

Preview the CV instantly from the web, keep an archive of good potential candidates on-the-go. 

Recruiter profiles

Review the recruiter profiles instantly without going through different websites.


Organized listing ease the experience during job hunting by potential candidates. 


Jobs are published through social media to reach to the crowd of potential candidates. 

Easy Apply

Application through facebook / linked in. Easy application means high application rate. 

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